Expanded Line Of Facemills

Expanded Line Of Facemills

Seco-Carboloy QuattroMill face mill inserts are designed to be used with a range of cutter bodies.

Seco-Carboloy (www. secocarboloy.com) has introduced an expanded range of QuattroMill 45-degree lead facemills that focus on the new 15 mm inserts, called -"15", and a range of both fixed-pocket and cassette-style cutter bodies. The -15 insert and corresponding cutter bodies permit depth-of-cut up to 0.295 in. and feed rates of 0.020 in. per tooth.

The -15 is available in several grades and geometries for applications in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and numerous exotic and high-temperature alloy materials. The new -15 also is available in a wiper/high feed insert-style and CBN inserts with center-lock holes.

New cutter bodies for the -15 are available in coarse, normal and closepitch versions and range in diameter from 2.50 in. to 20 in. (63 mm to 500 mm). Within that range is a family of cassette cutters from 3 in. to 20 in. (80 mm to 500 mm) that use the new -15 and also can hold -09 and -12 inserts using the same body by switching the cassettes. Through coolant is standard on cutters up to 5 in. (125 mm).

Seco-Carboloy, of Warren, Mich., says its European parent, Seco, for five years has been the primary supplier of milling tools to B^hler-Uddeholm Bearbeitungs GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, a service company for the tool and moldmaking industry. B^hler-Uddeholm uses Seco's QuattroMill tools for about 80 percent of its total milling cutter requirements. Seco says it has focused on improving surface finishes, increasing productivity, making production process more reliable and reducing the number of different cutting gradesrequired for a job.

For face milling forging dies in X42Cr13 (Seco material group 5), Seco says the best results were obtained with 200 mm QuattroMill milling tools with 12 teeth in grade T250M. The face mills are offer easy insert indexability and simple, reliable clamping for the inserts in the milling cutter and the milling cutter on the machine. Seco says its thick, and strong inserts are tough and minimize the risk of insert breakage.

Seco also says its tools offer soft cutting action, negligible power consumption and outstanding surface finishes, even at high rates of feed. "I now can increase cutting parameters by 33 percent compared with previous milling cutters, and still get 33 percent better tool life," says Lutz Urbach, boring mill operator at B^hler Uddeholm Bearbeitungs. Moreover, when machining steel plates in X155 CrVMo 12 1, he said it was possible to increase process reliability byusing grade T350M with a slight reduction in cutting parameters. Seco said tool life per cutting edge was tripled, reducing tool costs and speeding up throughput.

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