Arch-Style Machine Design Reduces Vibration

Arch-Style Machine Design Reduces Vibration

Mori Seiki's NV6000 accelerates at high-speeds.

Mori Seiki's NV6000 vertical machining center gives shops that specialize in die and mold, automobile and aluminum aircraft parts the option to machine at small travel increments with high-speed acceleration and no vibration. The medium-sized machining center has an arch-style design that the company says distributes cutting forces more evenly than standard C-frame machines.

The NV6000 is built with the company's Driven at the Center of Gravity technology that Mori Seiki says reduces vibration caused by sudden starts and stops. Reducing such vibration speeds part machining because it reduces the torque on machine ballscrews and servo motors, allowing the machine to start and stop faster. Mori Seiki ( says the Driven at the Center of Gravity technology lets the NV6000 achieve roundnesses of 1.59 µm in contouring, 40 percent better than conventional machines.

Mori Seiki builds the machine's Y axis with two ballscrews that are spread as far apart as the machine's structure will allow. The Driven at the Center of Gravity technology keeps the machine's center of gravity between the two ballscrews to maintain constant force and to reduce vibration and the load on the ballscrews.

The NV6000's axis travels measure 900 mm in X, 600 mm in Y and 450 mm in Z. It rapids at 42,000 mm per minute. Its spindles run at 12,000 rpm for the 40-taper version machine and 8,000 rpm on the 50-taper model.

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