Coolant-through parting/grooving system

Coolant-through parting/grooving system

Iscar Metals Inc. ( has introduced a line of inserts that provide through-the-insert coolant capabilities. The company's Jet-Cut system is available as an upgrade to its Do-Grip parting inserts. The system has a coolant hole that passes through the insert to an outlet near the cutting edge. DGNC inserts are for parting and grooving operations on stainless steel and hightemperature alloys. The company says applying coolant through the Jet-Cut system reduces flank and cratering rates and reduces production of long and tangled chips when cutting titanium and austenitic stainless steels.

Inserts are available in widths of 0.118 and 0.157 in. in C and J-type chipformers. Coolant is supplied directly to DGFH-C blades on regular blocks or through SGTBU-C blocks that have coolant passages or connecting ports.

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