Software sports web-accessible reporting tool

Software sports web-accessible reporting tool

The "Dash Board" reporting tool of AIM Enterprise version 3.0 manufacturing software can be configured to display information important to the user.

Manufacturing software from AIM Analytical ( now includes a webaccessiblereporting tool that lets users manage plant operations at any time from any personal computer.

The company says its AIM Enterprise version 3.0 manufacturing intelligence software includes a "Dash Board" tool that allows users to display information they need in an easy-to-view and understandable format. The software also has automated line supervision.

The company says the Dash Board eliminates the need to install software on individual PCs.

AIM Enterprise software merges plant floor information through an intranet or the Internet into a company structure. It integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Management Information Systems (MIS) for monitoring equipment status, maintenance requirements, efficiencies and production levels of shop machines.

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