Inserts For Alloy And Steel Machining

Inserts For Alloy And Steel Machining

CC6060 and CC6065 inserts from Sandvik Coromant help reduce tool inventory for machining HRSA materials.

Sandvik Coromant's GC4235 is for turning both steels and stainless steels.

Sandvik Coromant Co. ( said the newest members of its family of heat resistant super alloy (HRSA) cutting tools — CC6060 and CC6065 ceramic grades of round inserts — are capable of running at four to six times the speed of conventional carbide inserts. CC6060 inserts are for machining larger diameter components with long lengths of cut. The company said the grade has high notch wear resistance, allowing machining at higher depths of cut than other ceramic grades currently on the market. Additionally, CC6060 inserts can maintain performance at high feed rates and in long continuous cuts.

CC6065 inserts are for high temperature alloy machining on high quality forgings with some ovality. They also provide a strong insert and edge line to allow for increased feed rates and high component quality.

The company said its GC4235 inserts are the toughest, most versatile grade in its family of steel turning inserts and can handle difficult situations like intermittent cuts and profiling operations, while also improving reliability. The GC4235 grade enhances existing geometries and is available in a wide selection of inserts for CoroTurn applications. The inserts have improved edge line security, as well as an optimized coating and substrate that allow for high deformation resistance.

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