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Sumitomo investing $70 million for all-electric IMM manufacturing base

Japanese-German injection molding manufacturer, Sumitomo Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH, is moving forward with its plan to turn its Wiehe, Germany production facility into a major manufacturing base for all-electric injection moulding machines within Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

According to the company, Sumitomo Demag Plastics is investing $70 million into the venture, positioning itself for post-market recovery demand for smaller all-electric injection molding machines. Besides the new all-electric IntElect for the European market, the company will also produce the Japanese SE- machine range at the Wiehe center.

Wiehe was regarded as the most modern of the three injection moulding machine plants in the former East Germany when it was acquired by Mannesmann Demag in 1990. Following the deal, significant investment was made into the facility to give it some of the industry’s most advanced automated machine-making techniques for the Ergotech range.

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