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Boeing calls the 777300ER the ldquomost fuel and costefficient airplane in its class todayrdquo and ldquothe most reliable twinaisle aircraft in the worldrdquo
<p>Boeing calls the 777-300ER the &ldquo;most fuel and cost-efficient airplane in its class today,&rdquo; and &ldquo;the most reliable twin-aisle aircraft in the world.&rdquo;</p>

Boeing’s Swiss Air Contract Extended, Rising to Nearly $3 Billion

Three more 777 jets ordered in modernization of carrier&rsquo;s long-range fleet Three plus six aircraft, $2.97 billion Breakthrough with Lufthansa Group

Boeing Commercial Airplanes finalized a nearly $1-billion order to supply three 777-300ER commercial jets to Swiss International Air Lines, following a previous order for six of those models. The nine aircraft are expected to form the basis of Swiss’ planned modernization of its fleet.

When the initial placement was made in 2013, Boeing had considered it a milestone as it was the first time that Swiss International or its parent Lufthansa Group had selected a 777 series model. With a listed price of $330 million for each aircraft, the total order by Swiss International Air would run to $2.97 billion. 

Swiss International Air Lines carries over 16 million passengers annually. "I am delighted that with the formal signing of the contract, Swiss has set a further milestone in its long-haul fleet renewal," stated Swiss CEO Harry Hohmeister.

The Boeing 777 (frequently known as the “triple seven”) is a twin-engine, long-range/wide-body aircraft that typically carries 300 to 450 passengers for non-stop routes, with a range of 5,235 to 9,380 nautical miles. It was introduced in 1995, and was the OEM’s first airliner to feature computer-mediated controls. The 777-300ER ("ER" meaning “extended range") is the best-selling version of the 777 series.

Boeing calls the 777-300ER the “most fuel and cost-efficient airplane in its class today,” and “the most reliable twin-aisle aircraft in the world.”

Boeing also recently announced the delivery of the delivery of the fiftieth 777-300ER to Cathay Pacific Airways, which soon will have a total 67 777s in operation. Cathay Pacific is due to receive three more 777-300ERs this year.

Boeing’s vice president of European Sales, Todd Nelp, said the Swiss International Air order "is a testament to the unrivaled economics of the 777-300ER as the carrier continues to renew its long-haul fleet …".

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