Collins Aerospace
Collins Aerospace Duracarb brake plant.

Aircraft Brake Plant Expansion Underway

May 30, 2024
A $200-million project in Spokane will add manufacturing space to address rising demand for carbon disc brake units from commercial and military aerospace programs.

Collins Aerospace started a $200-million capital-investment program at its Spokane, Wash., plant to increase capacity for manufacturing carbon disc brakes for commercial and military aircraft. The multi-year project will expand that operation by 50 percent in the coming years, including 70,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space, and as many as three new buildings plus additional processing furnaces for the Duracarb® series of products.

"This expansion will enhance both our manufacturing capacity and capabilities with the latest in process innovation and efficiencies while ensuring our workforce readiness to meet the growing global demand for our carbon brakes," stated Matt Maurer, vice president and general manager for Landing Systems at Collins Aerospace.

Spokane is one of three locations where Collins manufactures carbon disc brakes. It also offers MRO services that involve machining worn carbon discs for reconditioned brake units.

Carbon disc brakes are lighter than the older, steel alternative, and Duracarb® is a proprietary carbon material developed by Collins to absorb more thermal energy and last longer than previous brake products. It claims the brake surface can reach up to 5,000° F without failing during an emergency runway stop.