Boeing’s 787-10 is the largest of the Dreamliner series, with seats for 330 passengers and a range of 7,400 miles.

$2.7B Dreamliner Order from Air New Zealand

May 31, 2019
Eight new 787-10 jets, with more seats and greater efficiency for long-range service

Boeing Commercial Airplanes will supply eight 787-10 aircraft to Air New Zealand following a $2.7-billion booking from the carrier, which already operates the 787-9 and 777 long-range jets. The 787-10 offers more seats and greater efficiency as the airline grows its service network, according to Boeing.

The 787-10 is the largest of three variants for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, sometimes described as a “stretch” version of the 787-9: the 787-10 measures 224-ft, 1-in. (68.30 m) long and seats 330 passengers in a two-class cabin configuration. It has a range of 6,430 nautical miles (or 7,400 miles / 11,910 km.) 

The Dreamliner is a long-range passenger aircraft that Boeing calls its “most fuel-efficient commercial jet design,” with a structure that includes a large volume of composite materials to help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% versus similar-size jets. Advanced aerodynamics, more-electric systems, and turbofan jet engines add to the 787’s appeal to airlines.

Air New Zealand was a global launch customer for the 787-9 and now operates 13 of those aircraft.  

"This is a hugely important decision for our airline,” stated Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon.

“With the 787-10 offering around 15% more space for both customers and cargo than the 787-9, this investment creates the platform for our future strategic direction and opens up new opportunities to grow," said Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon.

He continued: "The 787-10 is longer and even more fuel efficient. However, the game changer for us has been that by working closely with Boeing, we've ensured the 787-10 will meet our network needs, including the ability to fly missions similar to our current 777-200 fleet."

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