The HA high-efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine is described by the OEM as “the world's most efficient combined-cycle power plant,” available in two capacities that customers may select to achieve power-generating needs.

GE Seeking Answers for Industrial Turbine Maintenance

Sept. 24, 2018
Two IGT models affected by oxidation problem on blade components, causes shutdown of four units in Texas

General Electric Co. reported an oxidation issue on a single blade component recently forced the shutdown on four industrial gas turbines operated by Exelon Corp., a Texas-based utility. The problem may affect a total of 51 generator units already shipped by GE, including the HA-Class as well as the 9FB model.

Gas turbines are used by electric utilities and some industrial operations to generate electricity. Current models typically are designed to divert waste heat to power steam generators, in what is described as a “combined cycle” configuration.

The components affected are used only in stage-one blades in GE’s HA and 9FB turbines. The former is the OEM’s top-of-the-line gas-fired turbine model, introduced in 2016; the 9HA.01 is rated at  446 MW and the 9HA.02 at 557 MW. The latter is a predecessor design that GE indicated “comprises less than 1% of the company’s global gas turbine fleet.”

Exelon discovered the problem on a single turbine some weeks ago, according to reports, but chose to shut down three other similar models, as a precaution.

“GE engineers and teams identified a fix and have been working proactively with our customers on a case-by-case basis to quickly return impacted units to service and mitigate any future issues,” stated Russell Stokes, CEO of GE Power.

GE has installed 27 HA-Class turbines in seven countries since 2016.

“In all industries and new technologies, developing and launching products at this scale and complexity involves fine-tuning and adjusting the technology,” Stokes stated. “We always strive to jointly solve technical issues with our customers as they arise and are committed to delivering on our products.”

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