In addition to the 40 new wide-body Boeing aircraft, Qatar Airways issued a letter of intent to buy up to 60 Boeing 737 MAX 8 single-aisle jets.

Boeing, Qatar Airways Announce 40-Jet Order for $11.7 Billion

Oct. 11, 2016
Carrier increases its orders for Boeing wide-body aircraft, now totaling 105 Fleet of 787, 777 jets First orders for 737 MAX series

Boeing Commercial Airplanes has a new order to deliver 30 787-9 Dreamliners and 10 777-300ERs to Qatar Airways, a contract carrying a total value of $11.7 billion at list prices, according to the OEM.

Qatar Airways operates a fleet of 84 Boeing aircraft, both 787s and 777s, all delivered over the last nine years. It also has orders in place for 65 more Boeing wide-body aircraft, including 60 777X jets. The airline serves over 180 destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America from its hub in Doha, Qatar.

"Qatar Airways, already one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of aviation, today announces a significant and historic aircraft order that will power our future growth for the years and the decades ahead," stated CEO Akbar Al Baker. "Boeing has proven to be a valuable partner, and today's announcement is testament to our appreciation of the quality of their product and their dedication to providing world class customer service."

Both the 787 and 777 are twin-engine, wide-body aircraft developed for high-volume passenger service on long-distance routes. Qatar Airways ordered the 787-9 version of the Dreamliner, capable of carrying 290 passengers up to 7,600 nautical miles (14,100 km) in addition to more cargo than the earlier 787-8 model.

Boeing calls the Dreamliner its most fuel-efficient commercial jet, with a structure that incorporates a large volume of composite materials helping to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% versus similar-size jets.

The 777X is a redesigned version of the current 777, with longer wings to improve the jet’s aerodynamics, and folding wing tips that will allow the new jets to occupy many of the same gates now filled by the current 777 series aircraft.

The 777X will be available in two models, the 777-8X and 777-9X. Manufacturing is due to start in 2017, with a commercial debut scheduled in 2020.

Qatar Airways also committed to purchase 60 new 737 MAX 8 aircraft, valued at $6.9 billion at current list prices. Though none of those currently count as “firm orders,” rather the airline issued a “letter of intent” to buy the narrow-body jets, it would signify the first single-aisle Boeing jets in the Qatar Airways fleet.

"We are so very proud that a discerning and market-leading customer like Qatar Airways not only continues to endorse our current products, but also has confidence in Boeing's new technology that will soon be evident on the 777X and 737 MAX," stated Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Ray Conner.

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