In addition to coating and precision machining, Chromalloy’s manufacturing and repair center in Tilburg, The Netherlands, provides engineering services, joining (including brazing, welding, and heat treatment), thermal processing, and inspection.

Chromalloy Expands Coating, Precision Machining for Airfoil Components

June 5, 2016
New aluminum-diffusion coating line for gas-turbine engine parts; laser drilling and EDM Coating compressor blades and vanes, cases, large buckets and vanes Pack cementation process Semi-automated and REACH-compliant

Chromalloy Corporation reported it completed an expansion at its component manufacturing and repair operation in Tilburg, The Netherlands, adding a new aluminum-diffusion coating line for gas-turbine engine parts and more precision machining assets. The value of the project was not announced. The manufacturer emphasized the improvements would raise the level of its service for engine OEMs and operators of those engines.

Chromalloy designs, manufacturers, and services turbine airfoils and other engine components for commercial and military aircraft and industrial gas turbine engines. It also develops aluminide coatings for heavy industry and aeroderivative gas turbine components. It offers electron-beam physical vapor deposition (EBPVD) coatings and low-pressure plasma spray overlay coatings to protect components against corrosion and increase efficiency and reliability at higher operating temperatures. Advanced coatings can promote increased firing temperatures and more efficient component and system designs, according to Chromalloy.

The 125,000-square foot operation in Tilburg produces engine shrouds, frames, and cases for OEMs, and performs certified component repairs. In addition to coating and machining, Tilburg provides engineering services, joining technologies (including brazing, welding, and heat treatment), thermal processing, and advanced inspection service.

A new galvanic line was added there in 2014, for cleaning operations performed before, during and after component manufacturing, repair, and nickel plating.

The new coating line is semi-automated and REACH-compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and restriction of Chemicals) in meeting all European environmental compliance standards for manufacturing operations.

The A-12 protective coating is applied at low temperatures by a pack cementation process to preserve the base alloy properties of the gas turbine parts, which include smaller compressor blades and vanes to cases and large buckets and vanes found in land-based industrial gas turbines and aero-derivatives.

According to Chromalloy president Carl Luzzatto, “When applied to metal components during manufacturing and repair the A-12 protective coating inhibits corrosion and oxidation, effectively extending the life of the components and lowering operators’ maintenance costs.”

In addition to the new coating line at Tilburg, Chromalloy added new component machining capabilities there, for components of all sizes, including the largest land-based turbine parts. This includes laser drilling and electrical discharge machining (EDM) for components of detail machining after coating applications on all sizes of turbine components, including those in the largest land-based turbines.

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