Timken manufactures a range of gearing products that it supplies for aerospace gearboxes engine gears accessorymounted gear drives and enginemounted accessory gear drives It also provides industrial services and the addition of Standard Machine extends its coverage into the mining and energy markets of Canada and the western US

Timken Buys Gearbox Repair, Service Network

May 14, 2013
Gearbox service and repair centers Adds gear-making and machining skills

The Timken Company has purchased Hamilton Gear Ltd., a chain of gearbox service and repair centers in Canada and the western U.S. The company, which does business as Standard Machine, also offers open gearing, large fabrication, machining, and field technical services. Timken noted the new holding adds to its industrial services portfolio, a capability it has been expanding through various acquisitions in recent years.

Timken manufactures a range of gear products, including spiral bevels, helicals, spurs, splines (straight and crowned), and curvics, in OEM and custom designs to accommodate power load levels up to 4,000 shp. These are supplied for aerospace gearboxes, engine gears, accessory-mounted gear drives, and engine-mounted accessory gear drives. 

Standard Machine supplies new gearboxes and open gearing, offers gearbox service and repair, performs large fabrication and machining capabilities, and performs field technical services to industrial operations in Canada and the western United States. 

Its areas of activity include mining, oil-and-gas, and pulp-and-paper industries.

"The acquisition of Standard Machine further advances our strategy to expand our industrial services capabilities," stated Carl D. Rapp, v.p. - industrial services.

Other recent examples Timken expanding its industrial-service capabilities include buying Wazee Cos. LLC and Smith Services Inc., adding both companies earlier this year. In 2011, it purchased Philadelphia Gear Corp. and Drives LLC.

"As a respected power transmission company in Canada, Standard Machine provides Timken with a great location and robust gear-making and machining skills, which differentiates them in key target market sectors."

Timken did not reveal the cost of buying Saskatchewan-based Standard Machine, but it noted the new operations will expand its gearbox and bearing repair services into Canada.

Standard has 125 people employees and reported 2012 sales of approximately $31 million, according to Timken. Greg Porter, Standard Machine president and CEO, will remain with the organization as part of Timken’s Process Industries segment.

"Standard Machine's location near energy and mineral resources, coupled with their strong technical team and service culture, provide an excellent platform to drive long-term growth in our business," Rapp said.

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