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EDAC designs produces machines and assembles of precision parts like turbine cases shown turbine cases split cases compressor cases housings stator assemblies sync rings fan case assemblies cowl supports and others for aerospace turbine engine and industrial gas turbine manufacturers

EDAC to Produce Military Engines

Aug. 21, 2012
Deal covers new and replacement components Production starts in 2013 Order backlog up $13 million during 3Q

EDAC Technologies Corp., a designer and manufacturer of precision components for aerospace and industrial applications, has a new long-term agreement with an unnamed OEM to produce a large case assembly for a military engine program. The contract covers products that will be supplied to U.S. customers as well as for export assignments.

Farmington, Conn.-based EDAC said the new agreement will go into effect next year for a four-year term (ending in 2017) and will support both new production engines and replacement parts for units already in service.

The company supplies commercial and military aircraft manufacturers with products that include jet engine parts, special tooling, equipment, gauges, and components used to manufacture, assemble, and inspect jet engines. Its industrial products include high-precision fixtures, gauges, dies and molds, and it designs, manufactures, and repairs precision grinders and precision spindles. Recently, it added electron-beam welding to its range of capabilities when it acguired EBTEC Corp.

EDAC did not indicate the value of the new deal, but it stated that the new business will increase the value of its current orders to $317 million — up from approximately $304.3 million on June 30. In March, EDAC reported new contracts totaling $58 million  to produce rotating disks, compressor hubs and other components for Volvo Aero, in an engine program supplying Boeing aerial refueling tanker aircraft and wide-body commercial aircraft.

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