Machine Tool Sales Off -65.9%, Year-to-Date

Dec. 15, 2009
Regional reporting shows monthly increases in the South, Central

Data compiled by AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology and AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Assn., indicates that sales of machine tools and related equipment totaled $152.68 million in October, a -2.8% decline from September. That total also represents a -49.0% decline versus the October 2008 total of $299.28 million, and a -65.9% decline for 2009’s 10-month total compared with January-October 2008.

The information is contained in the monthly U.S. Manufacturing Technology Consumption report, compiled jointly by AMT and AMTDA, and representing the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, both domestic and imported. The figures are based on actual data reported by participating companies.

Noting that the domestic manufacturing sector is rebounding, according to U.S. government data, AMT President Douglas K. Woods observed that manufacturing technology bookings may lag overall economic trends by six to nine months. “October’s slight decrease from September’s booking is typical of past years and favorably off less than in previous years,” Woods commented. “Major indicators are still pointing to a turnaround in business, which is welcome news no matter how slow it is expected to grow next year.”

Reading the USMTC’s regional reports, October sales of machine tools and related equipment totaled $37.09 million in the Northeast, off by -29.2% from September and -42.2% versus October 2008. For the year to date, the Northeast region has recorded total machine tool sales of $268.46 million, down -54.1%.

In the Southern region, October manufacturing technology consumption totaled $21.12 million, a rise of 53.5% versus September’s $13.75 million but a -36.7% decline from the October 2008 figure. Year-to-date regional sales total $187.88 million, off by -69.0% compared to the 10-month report for 2008.

October manufacturing technology sales in the Midwest totaled $47.40 million, a small decrease from September’s $47.63 million total, but off -51.9% compared to the October 2008 total. The January-October 2008 total of $394.24 million was down by -70.5% versus the 2008 10-month report.

In the Central region, manufacturing technology consumption increased in October to $35.27 million, 3.2% above September’s $34.18 million but down -58.5% versus October 2008. The region’s year-to-date total sales of $330.02 million is down -67.7% compared to January-October 2008.

Finally, in the Western region, October manufacturing technology consumption amounted to $22.62 million, down -7.3% versus September’s $24.41 million and down -39.0% compared with October 2008. For January-October 2009, the Western region reports total sales of $191.71 million, -59.5% compared with January-October 2008.

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