Siemens PLM Gains ISO Recognition for 3D Visualization Format

Oct. 22, 2009
File format reference accepted as Publicly Available Specification

Siemens PLM Software has gained ISO acceptance for its JT data format, a commonly used 3D visualization format. Through a global ballot process, the unit of the International Organization for Standardization responsible for Industrial Data approved the documentation of the JT format, making it the first ISO publication of 3D visualization for product lifecycle management (PLM.)

The JT File Format Reference (a comprehensive, +400-page document that details the JT file format, from its file structure and data segments to a thorough discussion of JT data compression, encoding and best practices) was accepted by ISO as a publicly available specification (PAS) for 3D visualization.

Siemens PLM is a division of Siemens Industry Automation that supplies product lifecycle management software and services.

For over a decade the JT data format has been used by companies worldwide to share and visualize 3D among various CAD and PLM applications. The format is supported by the JT Open Program initiative to promote it as the common 3D language for PLM.

Bruce Feldt, Siemens PLM’s v.p. for Open Tools, called the ISO recognition “a landmark event for manufacturers all over the world.”

“Any company working with 3D digital product data in a heterogeneous environment requiring interoperability between internal departments or with external suppliers and partners can benefit from the use of JT,” Feldt explained, “and now that its documentation has become an official ISO publication, JT is reinforced as the benchmark for openness in the PLM domain, paving the way for virtually any manufacturer to adopt JT as their common enterprise format for 3D workflows and long term data retention.”

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