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U.S. Army PrSM Early Operational Capability Precision Strike Missiles

Lockheed Ramping Up US Army Long-Range Missile Program

March 11, 2024
The fourth contract has been granted for the new PrSM precision strike weapon, which neutralizes targets beyond 400 kilometers and is compatible with different launch systems.

Lockheed Martin will continue producing Early Operational Capability Precision Strike Missiles under a new U.S. Army contract, worth $219 million. It’s the fourth order for the PrSM series missiles, which are long-range surface-to-surface missiles that Lockheed first delivered in December, following a production qualification test in November.

PrSM is a new U.S. Army weapon system able to neutralize targets at a range beyond 400 kilometers. It features an open system architecture design for maximum affordability and flexibility, and it’s modular – compatible with the HIMARS and Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) delivery systems.

According to Lockheed, PrSM production will continue as it ramps up manufacturing. Additional testing is planned this year too.

The initial delivery of the missiles achieved “a major modernization milestone,” Lockheed noted, helping the Army secure its long-range precision fire capability. It noted that it uses digital tools such as augmented reality, ARISE™ advanced modeling and simulation, data analytics, and software factory to speed development of the missiles and improve producibility and quality.

“We’re proud to deliver this long-range deterrent capability to our Army customer and continue work to advance the program and production on an aggressive schedule,” stated Jay Price, vice president of Precision Fires at Lockheed Martin.

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