Boeing 737 MAX 10.

Boeing Draws 150-Jet Order for 737s

Jan. 19, 2024
Against the uncertainty of FAA’s ongoing investigation of its manufacturing safety standards, Boeing announced a new booking for 150 more 737 MAX aircraft.

Boeing’s 737 MAX program gained a welcome sign of support from the market with a new follow-up order from India’s from Akasa Air for 150 more of the narrow-body aircraft. The airline that started operations in 2022 is an all-737 operation, and last June it added four more 737-8 jets to its current fleet.

The new purchase will include some 737-10 airplanes as well as more of the 737-8-200 jets already on order. Boeing did not detail how many of each model will be supplied, nor the total value of the order.

When all of its orders are filled, Akasa Air will have a fleet of 226 Boeing 737 jets.

The 737 MAX 10 is the largest variant of the twin-engine series, and Boeing maintains it will gain airworthiness certification during 2024. Following the maintenance and safety issues that recently grounded the 737 MAX 9 variant, the Federal Aviation Administration has declared it will tighten its oversight of Boeing’s manufacturing program and its own policies for monitoring safety compliance.

Boeing noted that the Akasa Air booking was completed last month but was unidentified when it was reported among the manufacturer’s December 2023 orders and deliveries. The announcement was timed for this week’s Wings India 2024 airshow.

According to Boeing, Akasa Air plans to use the 737 MAX series to expand its domestic and international destinations from its current network serving 18 locations in India. Reportedly it will target Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar for its initial expansion overseas.

“In addition to supporting our rapid domestic expansion, the efficiency and economics of these new airplanes position Akasa to launch international routes in the coming months,” stated the airline’s founder and CEO Vinay Dube.

“The lower carbon emissions of the 737 MAX family allow us to remain focused on sustainable operations, while also providing our environmentally conscious passengers with a more comfortable way to fly,” Dube added.

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