A high-efficiency air-cooling heatsink created by Ricoh's aluminum binder jet technology (BJT) system.

Ricoh, Siemens Collaborating to Industrialize Aluminum 3DP

Nov. 2, 2023
The partnership links Ricoh’s binder-jet additive manufacturing process with Siemens’ digital platform to optimize process and machine management, from job prep through to part deliveries.

Ricoh and Siemens announced a partnership to industrialize a binder-jet technology for 3D printing of aluminum parts, based on Ricoh’s additive manufacturing development and Siemens Digital Industries Software, working to maximize the efficiency of AM processes and to achieve industrial scale.

“The production of aluminum parts is a holy grail for the additive industry and we’re delighted that Ricoh has chosen Siemens’ Additive Manufacturing Network capabilities … to help them commercialize a much sought-after process,” stated Siemens Digital Industries senior vice president Zvi Feuer.

Binder jetting is an additive manufacturing process that uses an industrial printhead to deposit a liquid binder onto powdered material - e.g., alloyed meta, foundry sand, ceramics, composites - following a CAD-programmed pattern, to build three-dimensional parts.

Additionally, the companies are working toward early commercialization of these technologies.

“Together, Siemens and Ricoh are working to deliver repeatability and consistency at the scale needed to truly take advantage of using robust and repeatable aluminum additively manufactured parts in the commercial world,” Feuer said.

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