Eve Air Mobility
Concept illustration for the Eve Air Mobility eVTOL aircraft, to be assembled in Brazil at a site adjacent to Embraer’s manufacturing center.

Embraer and Nidec Launch JV for Electric Propulsion

Oct. 10, 2023
The aircraft builder and the Japanese electric-motor specialist are staking $77 million to develop a portfolio of products and services for the eVTOL market, with Eve Air Mobility as the first customer.

Aircraft builder Embraer is proceeding on a joint-venture project with Nidec Corp. to develop electric propulsion systems for aircraft. Nidec, a Japanese conglomerate, has a specialty in electric motor design and manufacturing. According to their plan, Nidec Aerospace LLC will be capitalized at $77 million and will begin production in 2026.

The joint venture was announced at the semi-annual Paris Air Show in June, and now has gained the necessary regulatory approvals. Nidec holds a 51% stake and Embraer controls the remaining 49%.

Vincent Braley, chief of staff for Nidec’s Motion and Drives business in the United States, has been named CEO of Nidec Aerospace.

The two partners indicate the electric propulsion technologies they develop will comprise “an agnostic portfolio of products and services,” but initially targeting the Urban Air Mobility (aka “air taxi”) market – meaning the various electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) projects that seek to address a need for short-distance transit of passengers or cargo.

Embraer and Nidec noted that Nidec Aerospace’s first customer will be Eve Air Mobility, an eVTOL project backed by Embraer.

“This approval marks a significant milestone not only in Nidec Motion & Energy’s joint venture with Embraer, but also in our shared vision to advance and electrify the way the world travels,” stated Michael Briggs, SVP and president of Nidec Motion & Energy business unit. “Now with official clearance to proceed, the Nidec Aerospace team is poised to bring the expertise, speed, and drive needed to accelerate sustainable aviation on a global scale.”