Illustrated MRO service for Eve eVTOL.

Eve Enlists DHL to Study eVTOL Supply Chain

Aug. 11, 2023
Embraer’s “air taxi” start-up business is working with DHL to identify best practices for supplying eVTOL operators and service centers with parts and materials – particularly aircraft batteries and how to transport, store, and dispose of them.

Eve Air Mobility agreed to work with DHL Supply Chain to study the characteristics and requirements for the supply chain supporting the electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) fleet that Eve will make commercially available beginning in 2026. Their “memo of understanding” will explore best practices for supplying eVTOL operators and service centers with parts and other “inputs” needed for eVTOL repairs and maintenance.

A particular emphasis for the study will be aircraft batteries and specific requirements for transporting, storing, and disposing of them. Other points of study will be modes of transportation, frequency, and delivery plan, required logistics partners, potential locations for advanced inventories, physical and technological infrastructure requirements and contingency plans.

eVTOLs are “air taxis” projected to fill a need for short-distance transport of passengers and cargo. Eve, and Embraer subsidiary, is among several eVTOL start-ups (others include ventures by Airbus, Boeing, Honda, Stellantis, and Toyota) anticipating demand for air taxi operations for urban or local transportation and delivery services.

Last month Embraer identified a manufacturing site for the new aircraft, which is seen starting assembly operations later this year.

DHL is a warehousing, and distribution organization, and its logistical experience handling batteries is considered to be a critical factor.

"We are transforming urban air mobility, which also brings logistical challenges,” stated Eve’s Luiz Mauad, v.p., Services and Operations Solutions. “DHL's expertise in this field in the aeronautical market and dozens of other industries, coupled with the innovation mindset of both companies, will be vital to ensure the safe and agile operation of eVTOLs."

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