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Geothermal energy extraction site.

Stellantis Expands Geothermal Energy Plan

June 1, 2023
The automaker entered into a second agreement with one of its lithium suppliers to develop a geothermal energy source for a French assembly plant.

Stellantis and has a new agreement Vulcan Energy Resources anticipating a second project geothermal energy extraction process, to supply a Peugeot assembly plant in Mulhouse, France. The automaking group indicated the multi-phase project there could be supplying a “significant portion” of the plant’s annual energy needs starting in 2026, while contributing to its decarbonization goals.

“Geothermal is one of many solutions we are exploring to achieve our carbon net-zero goal by 2038,” according to chief manufacturing officer Arnaud Deboeuf.

Earlier this year Stellantis and Vulcan agreed to develop geothermal energy in Germany to power the Stellantis Rüsselsheim plant, starting by 2025.

Geothermal energy processes rely on heat extracted from deep wells driven into the earth and used to drive turbines that power generators.

Vulcan is an Australian business that has a lithium supply deal with Stellantis. – will conduct a pre-feasibility study about building a geothermal extraction process at Rüsselsheim; the next phase will focus on drilling and more advanced studies and development of the process.

As with their earlier geothermal energy development, the first phase of the new project, will include a pre-feasibility study toward building geothermal renewable energy assets for the Mulhouse plant. Vulcan, which has a lithium metal supply agreement with Stellantis, also will assess potential for lithium production at the French location.

Vulcan is conducting several initiatives to expand its geothermal renewable energy and Zero Carbon Lithium business in France, with multiple applications to secure another 480 km² of development area in the region, for an exclusive lithium and geothermal license.

Phase two of the Stellantis-Vulcan plan will focus on 3D seismic exploration and more advanced studies and development.

If the pre-feasibility study is determined to be successful, Stellantis and Vulcan aim to develop the geothermal project together.

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