Automotive Cells Co.
Automotive Cells Co. lithium-ion battery plant in Billy-Berclau, France.

Stellantis JV Starts EV Battery Factory

May 30, 2023
Automotive Cells Co. inaugurated its first lithium-ion battery plant in France, aiming to supply various Stellantis brands and Mercedes-Benz with up to 40 GWh of power packs by 2030.

The first of three EV battery plants planned by Automotive Cells Co. has been inaugurated in France, with a starting capacity of 13 gigawatt-hours but a target production volume of 40 GWh by 2030. ACC, a joint venture of Stellantis, TotalEnergies / Saft, and Mercedes-Benz, is manufacturing lithium-ion batteries to power Stellantis’ and Mercedes-Benz’ growing number of battery-electric vehicle offerings.

The new plant at Billy-Berclau, France, which ACC calls a “gigafactory,” covers more than 60,000 m2 and will employ about 2,000 workers. Stellantis is setting up a Battery Training Center nearby in Douvrin, to prepare current Stellantis employees and others for positions in the ACC plant.

ACC’s other battery plants will be in Kaiserslautern, Germany (2025) and Termoli, Italy (2026.)

Stellantis currently has 24 BEV offerings available across is various vehicle lines, and has plans for a total of 47. Mercedes-Benz has seven all-electric sedans and crossover vehicles. 

Stellantis emphasized that it is continuing to explore other battery chemistries, including a solid-state battery developed by Factorial and a lithium-sulfur battery offered by Lyten, alluding to the growing concern about the long-term availability of lithium ore, along with the controversies surrounding the sourcing and mining of that ore.

Recently, Stellantis took a one-third ownership in a hydrogen-fuel cell manufacturing business.

"The start of battery production at the same location where Stellantis used to produce - and still produces - internal combustion engines is a strong symbol. It shows how anticipation and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders - trade unions, employees, leading industrialists, local and regional elected officials, and the state - can help build a future for our employees in the context of intense change in our industry,” stated CEO Carlos Tavares.

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