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The new PW545D engine is an updated version of the PW500 series of medium-thrust engines.

Pratt & Whitney Canada Introduces New Biz Jet Engine

May 22, 2023
The medium-thrust turbofan PW545D was developed for the latest Cessna Citation aircraft, incorporating new materials and engine technologies to improve fuel consumption and maintenance requirements.

Pratt & Whitney Canada is supplying a new engine to Textron Aviation for its new business jet, the Cessna Citation Ascend. The turbofan engine design was developed to improve specific fuel consumption and time between overhauls in the new aircraft, according to Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The Ascend will be a high-speed and long-range model in the Cessna Citation series of business aircraft, expected to enter into service in 2025.

The new PW545D engine is an updated version of the PW500 series of medium-thrust engines and will incorporate new materials as well as new technologies, according to the developer, including an efficient, high-pressure compressor for increased flow; a single-stage, high-pressure turbine module; and an advanced exhaust mixer to reduce fuel consumption and noise.

The PW545D will operate on blends of up to 50% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), with conventional Jet A kerosene.

Pratt & Whitney Canada claimed the new engine will give Citation Ascend operators the flexibility to conduct a range of missions, including charter services, personal transportation, and corporate flights.

"We injected all we've learned from the more than 4,600 PW500 engines produced to-date, which have accumulated over 22 million flying hours. This new engine is even more fuel-efficient, offers greater thrust and an increased TBO of up to 6,000 hours for eligible customers."

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