AT2 Aerospace
Illustration of the AT2 Aerospace hybrid airship concept, the Z1.

Lockheed Launches New Business for Hybrid Airships

May 10, 2023
AT2 Aerospace is now managing the intellectual property for Lockheed’s Z1 concept aircraft, which the developer projects as a cost-efficient option for cargo transport in commercial or humanitarian service.

Lockheed Martin reported it has established a new business called AT2 Aerospace to manage the hybrid airship IP and related assets, and continue development of the Z1 hybrid airship program. Headquartered in Santa Clarita, Calif., AT2 Aerospace will extend the work that Lockheed has conducted to date, “to bring hybrid airships to fruition,” under the direction of Dr. Robert Boyd, the former Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship program manager.

Hybrid airships are powered vehicles that are elevated partly by lighter-than-air capability (i.e., as a blimp) and partly by aerodynamic lift technology. Lockheed’s proposed hybrid airship, the Z1, is a design variant called a “dynastat,” and features a tri-hull, buoyant lifting body and an air-cushion landing system that would allow takeoff or landing from anywhere.

Lockheed projects the Z1 as a vehicle for commercial or humanitarian service, noting it will carry cargo faster than sea or land transportation and “at a fraction of the cost of existing cargo aircraft”. 

Along with the lower transportation cost, Lockheed claims the Z1 will offer fuel efficiency and minimized carbon emissions.

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