Internal combustion engine assembly at Cummins Inc.’s Jamestown (N.Y.) Engine Plant.

Cummins Pledges Over $1B for Fuel-Agnostic Engine Tech

April 3, 2023
The commercial and industrial power developer is committing more than $1 billion in capital investments at four U.S. locations, to manufacture “clean energy technologies.”

Cummins Inc. reported plans to invest over $1 billion to update manufacturing operations in three states for production of its “clean energy technologies,” including fuel-agnostic engines that may operate on natural gas, diesel, or hydrogen fuels. The announcement comes in advance of the start of Cummins’ new “zero-emission technology business” called Accelera, in Fridley, Minn., where it will manufacture electrolyzers for producing hydrogen fuel to power commercial vehicles.

"The electrolyzer production in Minnesota and investment in our Indiana, North Carolina, and New York facilities are reflective of our dual path approach of advancing both engine-based and zero-emission solutions," stated Cummins CEO Jennifer Rumsey.

Indiana-based Cummins develops and manufactures a wide range of vehicle and industrial power systems and components, including internal combustion, electric and hybrid integrated power systems.

The Minnesota investment totals $10 million and is seen establishing 100 jobs by 2024, according to Cummins. The plant – Cummins Power Systems – is a 1.1 million sq.ft operation with over 900 workers, that will dedicate 89,000 sq.ft to electrolyzer production, starting April 24.

At its Jamestown (N.Y.) Engine Plant, Cummins is committing $452 million to manufacture its X15N “fuel-agnostic internal combustion engine” that can operate on lower-carbon fuel types. The X15N is being tested with natural-gas fuel on commercial vehicles by fleet operators that include Walmart, Werner, and Matheson, Cummins reported.

Details of further capital investment at plants in Indiana and North Carolina will be announced later, the manufacturer said.

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