GE Gas Power
A General Electric industrial gas turbine.

GE, IHI Plan to Produce Ammonia-fueled IGTs

Jan. 25, 2023
An effort has started to develop a retrofittable combustion system compatible with current GE gas turbines, to cut carbon emissions from power generation to near-zero levels.

GE Gas Power is in agreement with Japanese heavy-machinery builder IHI Corporation to jointly develop ammonia combustion technologies for heavy-duty gas turbines, as a source of electricity with reduced or near-zero CO₂ emissions. The two companies’ new memo of understanding follows their 2021 agreement to carry out an economic assessment for the use of ammonia as a carbon-free fuel for current and future gas turbines.

GE Gas Power is part of GE Vernova, the company recently chartered and comprising the longtime General Electric Power, Renewable Energy, Digital and Energy Financial Services businesses.

IHI manufactures a wide range of industrial boilers and gas turbines for thermal-energy power plants, as part of its portfolio of industrial and general purpose machinery products.

Under the new MoU, GE and IHI together will define a technology roadmap to develop gas turbine technologies by 2030 that will enable GE’s 6F.03, 7F, and 9F gas turbines to fire up to 100% ammonia, safely and competitively.

“GE continues to play an important role in supporting the advancement of the world’s energy goals, working alongside IHI Corporation which is a leader in developing ammonia combustion technologies and value chain development globally,” stated Scott Strazik, CEO of GE Vernova. “We hope that this collaboration will pave the way for power plant operators to pursue the adoption of carbon-free fuels such as ammonia for power generation in their GE gas turbines and significantly contribute towards lowering carbon emissions in the power sector globally.”