Laser shock peening (LSP) is a surface engineering process that uses high-magnitude compressive residual stresses induced by laser peening to improve critical materials’ resistance to surface-related failures, such as fatigue, fretting fatigue and stress corrosion cracking.

Lockheed Draws $548M for Weapons, Defense Programs

Dec. 18, 2022
Two new contracts will see the defense manufacturing giant supply submarine-launched torpedoes and perform retrofitting and system modifications for Joint Strike Fighter jets.

Lockheed Martin Corp. has drawn two new Dept. of Defense contracts totaling nearly $548 million, for weapons program replenishment and program management and MRO services.

The first assignment is for Lockheed’s Rotary and Missions Systems division in Liverpool, N.Y., totaling $302.2 million for manufacturing, production, spares, production support materials, and engineering support for components for the MK 48 heavyweight torpedo system. The MK 48s are heavyweight submarine-launched torpedoes designed to sink deep-diving submarines and high-performance surface ships.

DoD reported the contract will run through October 2026. The award through the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command combines purchases for the U.S. Navy (61%) and Royal Australian Navy (39%.)

The second contract, through the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command, is for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Tex., and is not to exceed $245.7 million against a previously issued basic agreement involving the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program.

The order covers program management support, non-recurring engineering, laser shock peening for components of the F-35 B and C variants, depot site support, contractor field and regional depot modification installations, all in support of retrofit and modification efforts for F-35 aircraft.

Work is expected to be completed at more than a dozen locations in the U.S. and at F-35 depots in allied nations by December 2023.

The F-35 is a single-engine, Stealth-enabled aircraft deployed for ground attack and combat, and available in three variants. Operators include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps, plus defense forces in 10 allied naations. Supply deals are pending for five other foreign customers.

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