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USS Louisville, USN Los Angeles-class nuclear sub.

General Dynamics Contracted for USN Subs Program

Aug. 21, 2022
More than $236 million has been assigned to the Electric Boat business for engineering, technical, design, and planning yard support services for U.S. Navy strategic and attack submarines through Sept. 2023.

The U.S. Dept. of Defense allocated $236.2 million to General Dynamics Electric Boat for engineering, technical, design, and planning yard support services for operational strategic and attack submarines – as a modification to an earlier contract. The work will be performed at Groton, Conn., Kings Bay, Ga., Bangor, Wash., Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and North Kingston and Newport, R.I.

Work under this contract modification will be completed by September 2023.

The U.S. Navy operates three types of submarines, for attack, ballistic missile launch, and cruise missile launch – all of them nuclear powered. There are four classes of subs in service now: 29 Los Angeles-class and three Seawolf-class fast-attack submarines; 14 Ohio-class ballistic missile subs plus four more guided missile subs; and 19 Virginia-class fast attack subs. Two more Virginia-class subs have been delivered to the Navy, while seven are in construction now and two more are on order.

Last month DoD awarded a $697.9-million contract modification for repair, maintenance, and modernization of the USS Hartford (SSN 768), to “enhance (the) warfighting capability and extend …(the) service life) of the Los Angeles-class attack sub commissioned in 1994. That project is expected to be completed in October 2026.

"The shipbuilders of Electric Boat are proud to continue our role providing lifecycle maintenance and modernization support to the U.S. Navy’s operational submarine fleet, in keeping with our mission to provide sailors with the advantage that helps protect our nation," stated Kevin Graney, president of the General Dynamics business unit.

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