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Boeing Issues New Sustainability Report

June 29, 2022
The commercial aircraft builder issued a 2022 progress report for its ESG goals, including efforts toward 100% SAF flight, net-zero emissions, and workplace safety improvements via automation and robotics.

The Boeing Co. issued an updated corporate Sustainability Report, defining its sustainability goals and providing details on its progress toward “core enterprise priorities.”  The latter includes employee safety and well-being; global aerospace safety; equity, diversity and inclusion; sustainable operations; innovation and clean technologies; and community engagement.

The report highlights Boeing’s 2021 sustainability achievements, its vision for sustainable flight, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts.

Boeing chief sustainability officer Chris Raymond stated, "The report is an important step in demonstrating our ambition to communicate transparently with all of our stakeholders, and in holding ourselves accountable as we protect, connect and explore our world – safely and sustainably."

Among the “environmental” milestones Boeing highlights in the report are its commitment to deliver commercial jets capable of flying with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (jet fuel produced from waste oils derived from biological sources; currently, commercial aircraft are certified to operate on a maximum of 50% SAF blended with conventional jet fuel); as well as its involvement with NASA and DARP to test cryogenic fuel tank with capacity for 16,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen.

Boeing also noted it established multiple partnerships with commercial airlines to advance “the renewable energy transition”; and it announced the corporation had maintained net-zero carbon emissions from its manufacturing and other facilities during 2021 by expanding its conservation efforts and adopting renewable electricity – as well as sourcing carbon offsets for remaining emissions.

In its tabulation of “social progress” achievements, Boeing reports it enhances workplace safety using automation and robotics, and in doing so reduced employees’ serious injuries by 27% during 2021.