An E190F illustration - a cargo aircraft converted from an E190 passenger jet.

Embraer Offering Passenger-to-Freighter Jet Conversions

March 7, 2022
Aging E190 and E195s will be revamped for cargo service, to meet rising demand shaped by e-requiring fast deliveries and decentralized operations.

Jet-builder Embraer is proposing to enter the air-freight market by offering a service to convert E190 and E195 passenger jets to freight aircraft, “to meet the changing demands of e-commerce and modern trade that require fast deliveries and decentralized operations,” according to the announcement.

When converted, an “E190F” will handle a payload of 23,600 lbs. (10,700 kg), and an “E195F” will have a payload of 27,100 lbs. (12,300 kg.)

Conversions will be performed by Embraer at its Brazilian manufacturing base, and will include main deck front cargo door; cargo handling system; floor reinforcement; Rigid Cargo Barrier (RCB) – 9G Barrier with access door; cargo smoke detection system, including class “E” extinguishers in upper cargo compartment; air-management system changes (cooling, pressurization, etc.); interior removal and provisions for hazardous material transportation.

The conversion service is available for all E190 and E195 aircraft – a market that consists of approximately 700 aircraft – with the first revamped jets expected to enter service early in 2024.

The medium-range E190 and E195 aircraft were introduced in 2004, meaning the oldest models are approaching 20 years old. More than that, the EJet series has been superseded by Embraer’s EJet E2 models – with new engine models and aeronautic updates to improve fuel efficiency.

The OEM noted that freighter conversions will address the retirement timeline for the E190 and E195 jets, while responding to the “transformation of the intersection between commerce, trade, and logistics,” which is driving higher demand for same-day deliveries and decentralized operations.

Embraer claimed that full cargo conversion would extend the life of the oldest E-Jets by 10 to 15 years.

“The E-Jet air freighters will provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective service to freight forwarders, extend the revenue earning life of E-Jets, support E-Jets’ asset values, and create a strong business case encouraging the replacement of earlier aircraft with modern, more efficient, passenger aircraft,” stated Embraer Services and Support president and CEO Johann Bordais.