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GM Updating Metal Stamping Operation

Nov. 4, 2021
A $46-million CapEx program for the automaker’s Parma Metal Center in Ohio will update press, cutting, and laser-welding lines, and prepare for future product programs.

General Motors plans to invest more than $46 million at its metal stamping operation in Parma, Ohio, near Cleveland, for undetailed equipment upgrades and to prepare to support future product programs. “Our Parma operation is a longtime leader in metal stamping capabilities and this investment reflects our confidence in the employees at Parma," stated Phil Kienle, GM vice president of North America Manufacturing and Labor Relations.

The automaker also noted the investment will provide job security for approximately 1,000 employees there.

The Parma Metal Center processes over 800 tons of steel per day as sheet-metal stampings and assemblies and is capable of producing up to 100 million parts per year. It supports most of General Motors North America’s current vehicle programs.

The plant has more than 750 stamping dies used in small, medium, and large transfer press lines, and high-speed progressive presses. It also has a cut-to-length shear and GM North America’s largest stand-alone, multi-cell, resistance and laser welding metal assembly operations.

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