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Boeing Awarded $169M for US Army Helicopters

June 21, 2021
The new contract covers long-leadtime items for full-rate production of AH-64 Apache helicop-ters through 2027.

Boeing Defense, Space, & Security has drawn a new U.S. Army contract in support of long-leadtime activities for full-rate production for the AH-64 Apache helicopter. The Army awarded $169,460,000 for FY 2021, though production is expected to continue through May 31, 2027.

Work will be conducted at Boeing’s operation in Mesa, Ariz.

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is an attack helicopter powered by twin-turboshaft engines and armed with a 30-mm M230 artillery system, as well as facility for a mixture of missiles and rocket pods.

The AH-64 was introduced in 1986, and the current version, AH-64E introduced in 2012, represents the sixth update to the basic design. It has a nose-mounted sensor package for target acquisition and night-vision systems.

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