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Airbus Revamping its Parts Supply Chain

April 22, 2021
The jet builder plans to convert its EU aerostructures holdings into two integrated suppliers for its civil and military aircraft manufacturing organization, with a third business to supply discrete parts globally.

Airbus SA reported it plans to restructure its subsidiary businesses that supply aerostructures to the jet-building organization, including converting the operations from Airbus suppliers to integrated operations of its internal supply chain. The OEM also noted it had provided details of the restructuring to the European Works Council, which represents labor organizations for Airbus operations in the European Union.

“Aerostructure” is a term describing the discrete components of an airframe, including all or part of a fuselage, wings, tail assembly, etc.  Airbus stated it plans “to build a stronger aerostructures assembly value chain across its industrial system … and considers aerostructures assembly as core to its business.”

The plan calls for creating two integrated companies, one in France that combines activities currently managed at Saint-Nazaire and Nantes with those of Stelia Aerospace worldwide.

Another company in Germany would bring together operations at Stade and Structure Assembly of Hamburg with Premium Aerotec in Nordenham, Bremen, and Augsburg.

As wholly-owned businesses, these new units would simplify governance and internal “interfaces,” according to Airbus.

Airbus also intends to create a new global business for “detail parts” from elements of the current Premium Aerotec business. Based in Germany, this new entity, would be able to capitalize on long-term growth prospects with civilian and military aerospace sectors, with Airbus and external customers.

Airbus noted it is continuing to work on plans “to optimize” the current industrial and aerostructures organization in Cádiz, Spain, to achieve future viability.

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