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Private Aviation Group Orders 10 More Bombardier Jets

April 8, 2021
VistaJet foresees “growing and urgent demand” for private-jet services as commercial carriers work through the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic has placed on their operations.

VistaJet – the point-to-point business jet service – ordered 10 more Challenger 350 aircraft from Bombardier Inc., confirming an earlier report. The private aviation service also took delivery of two Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft, further expanding its fleet of Bombardier aircraft for the private aviation sector. It has been reported to be Bombardier’s largest customer.

The new aircraft are expected to be delivered by the end of 2022. Bombardier did not release the value of the new order, which could be worth up to $190 million based on published list prices.

VistaJet noted that the new order is a response to “a growing and urgent demand” for super midsize business jets as commercial carriers work through the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed on their operations. “We continue to see rapid acceleration in new members, which is driven by corporate and executive demand for our business mobility offerings,” according to VistaJet founder and chairman Thomas Flohr.

“Global private-aviation networks will be even more vital to support businesses and the economy,” Flohr continued. “The expansion of our worldwide fleet will guarantee our customers full confidence in a consistent flying experience anywhere in the world … We remain committed to providing critical support to businesses in this new world …”

Bombardier exited the commercial aerospace market in 2019 and recast itself as s a “pure-play business jet company,” concentrating on two jet series: the Challenger and Global business jet platforms.

The Challenger series of twin turbofan-engine aircraft supports the smaller business jet market, while the larger-cabin Global series serves the longer-range business aviation market.

Earlier this year Bombardier announced it will end production of its Learjet private aircraft series at the end of 2021.

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