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Triumph and Air France KLM JV for MRO

April 1, 2021
Giving more detail to an established partnership, the airframe manufacturer/servicer and AFI KLM E&M plan to overhaul nacelles for next-gen aircraft at Triumph's Hot Springs, Ark. repair center.

Airframe manufacturer and service supplier Triumph Group formed a joint venture with Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance to conduct update and services to nacelles for “next generation aircraft.” Financial terms of their partnership were not announced.

Nacelles are housings for aircraft engines, fuel tanks, or other equipment separate from an aircraft fuselage. The work will be carried out at Triumph's Hot Springs, Ark., repair center.

Air France KLM E&M supplies comprehensive technical support to airlines, from engineering and line maintenance to engine overhaul, aero structure, and fan thrust reverser support. MRO services for aircraft components are a part of its portfolio.

Triumph Group, a designer, manufacturer, and repairer of aerospace and defense systems, components and structures, formed an alliance with AFI KLM E&M in June 2019, to give airlines and MRO customers global aftermarket maintenance, repair and overhaul services. It was intended to give “seamless support” to airlines regardless of location, and to simplify airlines' MRO supply chains.

The new project is said to be the “critical first phase” of that collaboration, to coordinate their combined expertise and capabilities for seamless, global MRO support regardless of customers’ location.

"This close collaboration will strengthen our global network of subsidiaries and joint ventures supporting operators worldwide and with such a partner, we are able to offer the best local services to airlines in the Americas," according to Johann Panier, SVP Business Development & Strategy AFI KLM E&M.

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