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Cummins Supplying Diesel Engines for Isuzu

Feb. 7, 2021
Expanding their partnership, Cummins will provide B6.7 diesel engines for Isuzu medium-duty commercial vehicle, starting this year in the U.S., and will extend research to include “carbon neutral” power sources.

Engine/powertrain developer Cummins Inc. agreed to widen the scope of its partnership with Isuzu, to supply Isuzu with B6.7 diesel platforms for medium-duty trucks, for the global market. The two will work to integrate the engines to Isuzu chassis, and to meet Japanese emissions regulations.

Isuzu chassis powered by Cummins B6.7 diesel engines will be introduced in North America in 2021, and later in Japan, Southeast Asia, and other regional markets.

Engines for trucks built in Japan will be assembled at Isuzu’s plant at Tochigi.

Isuzu and Cummins also entered into an Advanced Technology Agreement to conduct joint research for various powertrain technologies. The two have expanded their May-2019 Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership (focused then on diesel power) to include new power sources, including electrical powertrain technologies, as part of the ‘path to carbon neutral’.”

“Our partnership is a terrific opportunity for both companies to harness our respective strengths and drive innovation in advanced diesel and other technology solutions,” according to Cummins chairman/CEO Tom Linebarger.

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