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GE Turbines to Repower New Mexico Wind Farm

Jan. 14, 2021
GE Renewable Energy is providing 86 wind turbines to Leeward to repower its 90-MW Aragonne Wind Project, part of a 235-MW increase in generating capacity.

GE Renewable Energy reports it will supply 86 2.x-127 and 2.3-116 wind-turbine generators to Leeward Renewable Energy LLC in a “repowering” for the 90-MW Aragonne Wind Project in Guadalupe County, N.M. Combined with Leeward’s greenfield, 146-MW Aragonne Mesa Wind project, Leeward’s planned investments will increase the total wind-power output to 235 MW.

Both projects are scheduled to be completed later this year.

The cost of the new turbines was not announced, though with a reported unit value of $3-4 million for GE’s 2-MW turbines, the total investment can be estimated at $300 million.

Dallas-based Leeward Renewable Energy owns and operates 21 wind farms in nine states, with approximately 2,000 MW of generating capacity. The Aragonne project is the third agreed by Leeward and GE in the past 24 months, totaling almost 500 MW of generating capacity.

“Together, we are modernizing one of Leeward’s legacy assets with GE’s advanced turbine technology and adding efficient generation capacity to our portfolio supporting our long-term growth strategy,” according to Leeward CEO Jason Allen.

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