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GE Aviation Downsizing Engine Manufacturing

April 3, 2020
The supplier of turbofan and turboprop engines will lay off half of its workers in its latest response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the problems it has set off in the aviation sector.

GE Aviation will lay off half the workers at its engine manufacturing operations for four weeks, a move involving several thousand jobs.

It will be the second step taken by GE Aviation in response to the market slowdown resulting from efforts to stem the Covid-19 pandemic. In late March, General Electric said it would cut the GE Aviation workforce by 10%, or about 2,600 workers.

A GE Aviation spokesperson recapped the severe adverse effect of the pandemic on the commercial aviation sector, reducing travel worldwide, but the aircraft builders like Boeing and Airbus have been struggling with weakening demand for nearly a year, as orders for new aircraft declined at an increasing rate since late 2019.

In addition to a wide range of aircraft engines, GE Aviation manufactures materials and critical components for those engines.

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