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Dana Producing e-Axles for Medium-Duty Trucks

Feb. 25, 2020
The start of production for eS9000r e-axles lets Dana claim to be "first to market in North America" with a drop-in electronic propulsion system for current Class 4 and 5 commercial vehicles.

Dana Inc. has started manufacturing its Spicer Electrified eS9000r e-axle for Class 4 and 5 commercial fleet applications, and claims this positions itself as the "first to market in North America" with an axle technology for medium-duty commercial electric vehicles, meaning Class 4 and Class 5 trucks. These are medium-duty trucks used as transport and delivery vehicles, often referred to as "box trucks"

Dana further declared it is the only supplier able to manufacture all components of an e-axle system, including gears, axle, motor, and inverter.

The e-S9000r is a fully integrated "e-axle", including gearbox and motor, based on Dana's Spicer® S110, S111, and S130 rear-drive axle systems. It can be incorporated as a "drop-in solution" for most medium-duty truck chassis, offering a less complex driveline while allowing batteries to be located between the frame rails.

It also incorporates a patent-pending, electronically controlled parking pawl system, which links and loks an automatic transmission system.

The e-S9000r is engineered as a "drop-in solution" for existing commercial-vehicle suspension systems.

According to Mark Wallace, president of Dana Commercial Vehicle Drive and Motion Systems, the manufacturer expects the medium-duty truck class to be the first to deploy electric-vehicle technology on a wide scale.

The e-Axle will be available for ordering by vehicle manufacturers in 3Q 2020.

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