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2013 Global Steel Facts, Figures

Global raw steel production rose to 1.6 billion metric tons in 2013, according to new data released by the World Steel Association. The trade association represents over 170 steelmakers in 65 nations, and issues reports on production and capacity utilization, as well as consumption trends.

For 2013, Chinese steel output rose 7.5% versus the 2012 total, to 779.0 million metric tons.
Japan produced 110.6 million metric tons in 2013, a 3.1% increase from 2012.
South Korea’s raw steel production decreased 4.4%, to 66.0 million metric tons.
Total EU (27 nations) steelmaking declined 1.8% from 2012, to 165.6 million metric tons in 2013.
Germany produced 42.6 million metric tons of steel in 2013, even with the 2012 level.
Italy produced 24.1 million metric tons in 2013, falling 11.7% from the 2012 result.
France’s raw steel production in 2013 was 15.7 million metric tons, up 0.5%.
Spain produced 13.7 million metric tons of raw steel in 2013, a 0.7% increase on 2012.
North American steelmaking totaled 119.3 million metric tons, a decrease of 1.9% on 2012.
The United States produced 87.0 million metric tons of raw steel, down by 2.0% compared to 2012.
Russia produced 69.4 million metric tons of raw steel, a decrease of 1.5% on 2012.
Ukraine recorded a decrease of 0.5%, finishing 2013 with 32.8 million metric tons of steel produced.
Brazil produced 34.2 million metric tons in 2013, down 1.0% compared to 2012.

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