New Electrochemical Rotary Vertical Grinder

MEDICAL MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES – a vertically integrated business serving the medical device manufacturers with process development, applications, equipment, technical solutions, and aftermarket support – launched the Tridex RVG-10 electrochemical rotary vertical grinder (RVG-10). According to the developer, the advanced machine sets a new standard in grinding the outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) of aerospace components, offering unmatched capabilities and seamless integration into manufacturing processes.

The RVG-10 is well-suited for OD/ID grinding for large-format round parts, rings, and honeycomb segments, making it perfect for new engine parts and repair applications. With cutting-edge technology, the RVG-10 handles delicate, thin materials and high-temperature alloys with precision, ensuring superior performance in demanding environments.

Among the major design features of the Tridex RVG-10 are:

Heavy-duty construction: Built with cast iron components, the RVG-10 is built with cast-iron components, helping to ensure durability and stability, and making it an ideal machine for demanding aerospace applications.

Precision engineering: Equipped with preloaded linear guides and ball screws, the RVG-10 guarantees accurate and smooth operations.

Advanced CNC system: The comprehensive CNC system provides a high level of process control and automation, for enhanced grinding precision and efficiency.

Burr-free grinds: The RVG-10 delivers consistent, burr-free grinds, so there is no need for deburring and other secondary operations, saving time and reducing costs.

The RVG-10 represents advanced engineering and precision craftsmanship, for maximum reliability and grinding performance. By addressing the specific needs of aircraft engine component grinding, this machine sets a new benchmark for performance, reliability, and efficiency.

“Innovation is our compass at MMT,” stated MMT CEO Robbie Atkinson. “The Tridex RVG-10 is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Engineered with precision and advanced technology, this machine sets a new standard in the grinding industry.”

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