Premier for Automated Tool Measurement System

ZOLLER will premiere its latest automation system and showcase its complete range of tool presetting, measuring, inspection, heat-shrinking, balancing, tooling, tool management, and automation technology at IMTS 2024, in booth 432018. "For nearly 80 years, Zoller has been a pioneer in developing technology to optimize processes around cutting tools," offered Zoller Inc. president Alexander Zoller. "Today, we're proud to provide a complete roadmap to efficient manufacturing from CAM to finished part that can benefit manufacturers in every market segment."

Making a North American debut at IMTS is Zoller's new coraMeasure LG, an automated tool measurement system developed entirely in-house. This system delivers tools assembled in a pallet system to a linear robot that loads the tools into a Zoller venturion presetting and measuring machine. By integrating robot technology and an intelligent pallet system, the coraMeasure LG optimizes tool measuring to save time, prevent errors, and reduce the human workload.

"The debut of the coraMeasure LG at IMTS 2024 underscores Zoller's dedication to producing innovative solutions for the biggest challenges facing manufacturing," Zoller stated. "This new automation system addresses the industry's critical labor shortage and introduces a more efficient, precise and reliable tool measurement process. We are excited to present this groundbreaking technology to the IMTS audience."

The roboSet 2 automation solution will be demonstrated too, for automating tool cleaning, inspection, laser marking, and loading. The technology enables 24/7, lights-out tool measuring and inspection and has delivered successful results to customers in the field.

Zoller's powerShrink heat-shrink solution and the toolBalancer tool balancing system also will return to IMTS in 2024. The powerShrink can heat-shrink tools in less than 60 seconds, thanks to its unique induction coil. This design shortens cycle times and conserves toolholder life, while using 30% less energy.

The toolBalancer balances toolholders, tool assemblies and grinding wheels within 0.4 gram millimeters for smooth machining that protects the CNC machine, extends tool life and results in better surface finish.

For tool management, Zoller will unveil new designs of several of its smart storage solutions, which interface with Zoller tool management software and most major third-party systems.

A toolOrganizer model redeveloped with upgraded electronics and smart compartments will be featured, as will an updated version of the twister with a revamped push system for tool dispensing.

Toolholders are a recent addition to Zoller's portfolio that will be highlighted at IMTS. Consistently rated above DIN requirements, Zoller CAT, CATD, BT, BTD, HSK, PSC and high-performance toolholders are fine balanced to G2.5 at 25,000 rpm or a maximum unbalance of less than 1 gram millimeter. This protects the spindle, maximizes tool life and offers a better milling surface.

Zoller toolholders also feature a chip pocket for attaching an RFID chip or the Zoller idChip to track tooling data.

Another technology being introduced at the show is Zoller's zidCode 4.0 with expanded z.DMI technology for directly communicating with many different CNC machine tool controls. This direct machine interface system from Zoller provides a secure, reliable method for transferring tool data from a presetting and measuring machine to a number of different CNC machine tool controls — all without stopping the machine.

Zoller's zidCode 4.0 networked communication platform transfers the tool data both to the machine tool control and back to the Zoller database. This two-way communication helps with real-time tool life monitoring and tool traceability.

To date, Zoller has developed interfaces with Heidenhain, Siemens, Fanuc, Matsuura, and Makino CNC machine tool controllers, and others are in the works.

For the first time at IMTS, Zoller will present the torquematic presetting and measuring machine with a torquing station. Ergonomically designed with operator safety in mind, the torquematic allows tools with collet chucks to be set fully automatically to length, clamped to a predefined torque and measured. This is among several popular Zoller presetting machines that will appear at IMTS, including the smile, smileCompact, venturion and redomatic machines.

During IMTS, Zoller will celebrate the winners of its Toolroom of the Year competition. The inaugural contest was launched to spotlight companies that have implemented optimized, automated processes to handle their cutting tools. Winners will be announced at 3:30 p.m. September 12 at Zoller's exhibit, booth 432018. The first prize will be a trip to visit Zoller's global headquarters in Pleidelsheim, Germany. Second- and third-place winner will receive Zoller smart cabinets.

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