Speed, Efficiency, Precision in 2025 CAM Update

MASTERCAM released Mastercam 2025 introducing new features and enhancements designed to maximize speed, efficiency, and precision in machining operations and setting a new benchmark for CAD/CAM platforms. During the public Beta tests, the developer noted, manufacturers around the world provided valuable feedback that shaped the final product, ensuring that Mastercam 2025 meets users’ demands and advances productivity and sustainability in manufacturing.

New Deburr function. The new release introduces Mastercam Deburr for three-axis machining, an advanced solution that revolutionizes the deburring process for Mastercam Mill, Mastercam Mill 3D, Mastercam Router, and Mastercam Mill-Turn. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Mastercam products, this add-on simplifies deburring through automatic edge detection and intuitive controls. Mastercam Deburr allows users to implement the streamlined deburr cycle in a three-axis environment without requiring Mastercam Multiaxis, providing faster and more accurate deburring with less manual effort.

For users with Mastercam Multiaxis, the familiar simplified controls simplify the transition.

Mastercam Deburr reduces deburring time and improves deburring quality, with efficiency, precision and less manual intervention, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

Enhanced productivity. Mastercam 2025 also introduces finish passes to the 2D Dynamic Mill and Area Mill toolpaths. The new Finish Passes page allows users to add high-speed finishing passes along the selected toolpath boundaries, with configurable parameters for feed rate and spindle speed overrides, ensuring a smooth and precise finish.

Advanced capabilities. Mill-turn support for Y-axis turning is a significant addition in Mastercam 2025, enabling users to create toolpath planes with the correct tool orientation and spindle origin while taking advantage of the latest advances in Y-axis tool technology. The new A-axis contour turning toolpath complements the B-axis contour toolpath, extending support for rotary contour turning and allowing users to machine difficult-to-reach areas with ease.

Higher performance. Thread Mill operations in Mastercam 2025 benefit from enhancements such as Speed/Feed Override for Lead In/Out, which improves control during entry/exit moves, promoting better tool life and more accurate machining of threads. The gradual Lead In/Out feature enhances tool control during engagement and disengagement for Thread Mill operations, while the new Tool Edge Feed Rate calculates feed rates based on the tool’s tangential edge for more precise machining.

Security improvements. Mastercam 2025 introduces automatic license update notifications for software-based licenses. This feature saves time for users while keeping Mastercam secure with the latest license information and features.

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