Air-Filtration for Airborne Coolant Mist

LNS NORTH AMERICA expanded its LNS Fox air-filtration product line: the HM2 Series mist collector exceeds OSHA and NIOSH air-quality standards to provide a healthier, cleaner and safer machining work environment.

The LNS Fox HM2 mist collector is available in three sizes: 330, 700, and 1250. Each model has a three-stage filtration system beginning with a washable, metallic mesh that removes chips and larger water-soluble coolant particles. The second stage is a centrifugal/dynamic function that captures mist droplets created by the first stage.

A multi-media design in the third filtration stage removes any remaining mist to an average efficiency above 99% per the AFNOR NFX 44-060 standard.

The HM2 Series integrates with existing V-Series, F-Series and future LNS Chipblaster high-pressure coolant systems, so users will be able to mount the unit on the high-pressure device, the machine tool, or on a stand next to the CNC machine.

This latest generation of LNS Fox mist collectors joins other LNS air-filtration systems including the WS2 and WM2 Series that eliminate mist and smoke from oil-based, synthetic or neat oil coolants, and the HE electrostatic oil mist collector for wet machining applications using straight oil.

LNS designs, manufactures, sells and supports air filtration systems, bar feeders, chip conveyors, work support devices, and coolant management worldwide.

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