New Software Development Kit for Robots

In May, YASKAWA MOTOMAN released a new software development kit (SDK), YMConnect, as an updated way to write programs for communicating with Yaskawa robotics. According to the company, YMConnect is meant to act as a “successor” to the existing MotoCom SDK.

In a release, Yaskawa emphasized the new SDK is meant to be user-friendly. The software kit includes documentation for each function, a setup guide with example code for each of those functions, error-handling, and a discussion board for sending messages to software development experts.

When interfacing with robots, YMConnect uses intuitive function calls in modern C++ 17 language and a cross-platform library to control and monitor a robot over Ethernet. For ease of use, a dynamic motion interface can convert between pulse, joint angles, and Cartesian coordinates.

Applications written in YMConnect can monitor a connected robot’s axes configuration, feedback position, torque, state of operations, and errors, clear faults; and controlling and monitoring jobs in INFORM, the computer language Yaskawa uses for robots.

YMConnect runs on Windows 10 or newer editions, or for Linux users, Ubuntu 22.04 or newer. The SDK is compatible with YRC1000, YRC1000micro, FS100, DX200, and DX100 (DS2.07.00-00 and above) controllers.

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