New Machines for Large-Dimension Parts

GROB Systems is set to introduce new large machines at its 2024 in-house exhibition, including the G720F with a five-axis A/B interference circle of 1,500 mm and high stability. The A/B axis combination in the table guarantees free chip fall and excellent heat dissipation, which is particularly suitable for MQL machining. The axis arrangement of the F-series corresponds to GROB's machine concept: Modular and standardized machine components guarantee high product quality, dynamics, and short chip-to-chip times.

With the new G900-platform, GROB is moving into new workpiece dimensions and thus into new performance dimensions in the automotive and aerospace industries. It is important to GROB to develop solutions that are needed on the market.

Both the G920X and G920F4 were developed specifically for machining battery housings and their components in order to cover the entire machining process. When developing the machines, the main focus was on the size of the work area combined with the smallest possible footprint. Parts in the automotive industry have increased enormously in size in recent years. The logical consequence: the machines must also become larger. GROB has achieved this with the new series.

The G920F4 offers a choice of two spindles, arranged side by side or one above the other, and a table on which workpieces with a length of up to 2,900 mm can be machined. The GF4 machine concept is based on four axes of movement, and the design emphasizes the shortest possible chip-to-chip times and high dynamics with simultaneous stability.

The basis for this is the optimized and precisely coordinated axis drives. Customers can also benefit from the high production flexibility of the G920F4, which impresses with its modular design, convertibility and the possibility of interlinking and automating the machine. Like the G920X, the G920F4 is also characterized by a particularly rigid construction and a machine design that is perfectly adapted to MQL machining with an optimal work area design and large chip hopper.

Machines for processing extruded profiles must have certain features and characteristics in order to work efficiently and precisely. GROB has taken all the necessary features of such a machine into account when developing the G920X, which has two spindles and bridges arranged one above the other. This allows two workpieces to be machined precisely and efficiently. The machine can process workpieces over 2.5 meters in length. Since extruded profiles are usually made of metal alloys such as aluminum and are exposed to high loads during processing, the machines must be robust and stable to ensure reliable processing. The developers have also attached great importance to the flexibility and adaptability of the G920X machine.

The G900-platform is completed by the G920F5. The F5 signifies “five-axis machining,” and the G920F5 is designed for machining front and rear bodies – aka "giga castings" or "underbodies". Its robust construction ensures reliable machining under demanding conditions, while its flexible configuration enables a wide range of machining options for the most diverse component designs.

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