US Debut for Multitasking Lathe

METHODS MACHINE TOOLS INC., supplier of precision machine tools and automation solutions, has released the Nakamura-Tome WY-100V to the U.S. market. The two-turret, twin-spindle will be a highlight of Methods’ IMTS 2024 exhibit.

The new multitasking lathe is the first of Nakamura-Tome’s “V series” that – guided by AI-infused software, incorporating multi-processing features, and offering faster simultaneous operations – reduce cycle time up to 30 percent.

“The WY-100V has been years in the making as the natural successor to the very successful WY-100II,” stated Sergio Tondato, Methods’ senior director of Nakamura-Tome products. “Updates to both hardware and software further raise the precision, speed, and overall operator experience. Like all Nakamura-Tome platforms, the world-class multitasking capabilities lead to superior parts at a lower cost per unit.”

The WY-100V is highlighted by Nakamura-Tome’s ChronoCut technology to deliver higher spindle speeds and milling speeds than its predecessor through:

  • 53% faster rigid tap operations.
  • 37% faster part unloading.
  • 22% faster C-axis positioning.
  • 15% faster high-speed spindle synchronization.
  • 11% faster turret indexing.

In addition to ChronoCut, the WY-100V’s NT Smart X control features new 3D Smart Pro AI programming. The support function provides real-time, 3D CAD drawing analysis for program creation for all processes from raw material to finished product.

“Our customers keep coming back to Nakamura-Tome because of their history of superior machine designs, combined with new software innovations, which make it a product of choice for multitasking milling and turning work,” according to Tondato.

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