Optimized Y-Axis Parting Tools

SANDVIK COROMANT released upgraded versions of its CoroCut® QD Y-axis parting tools, optimized to improve surface quality, with reduced vibration and higher blade stiffness for better performance and ease-of-use.

Conventional parting-off tools align with the X-axis of the machine tool, but Y-axis parting operates on a different principle by rotating the insert pocket 90 degrees and aligning it withthe Y-axis, providing several benefits.

The upgrade to the CoroCut® QD improves surface quality, creates less vibration compared to conventional parting off (resulting in less noise) and allows for the parting off of much larger diameters than what is currently possible with conventional methods.

Also, shifting the resultant load to the strongest section of the blade creates six times higher blade stiffness, enabling increased feed and longer overhangs without losing stability.

More specifically, the upgraded blades have no Y offset, meaning easier programming and increased stroke. The blades also have a stop surface that serves two important application needs: preventing the blade from being pushed into the adaptor and enabling easier set-up.

“Conventional parting off uses feed motion along the X-axis, which means the cutting force is directed through the weakest section of the blade,” stated Fredrik Selin, Sandvik Coromant’s global product application specialist in turning. “This can lead to deformation and instability. By rotating the insert pocket 90 degrees and using the Y-axis, the cutting force is shifted down through the complete blade length, resulting in an increased blade stiffness of up to 600 percent.”

“CoroCut® QD is ideal for parting off in turning centers and multitask machines with Y-axis,” he continued Selin. “This includes parting off in sliding head machines, large diameters of up to 120 millimeters (mm), and long overhangs to reach between main and sub chuck. So, when there is the need to part off or machine deep grooves without compromising process security or machining efficiency, the upgraded CoroCut® QD solution is the perfect choice.”

Learn more at www.sandvik.coromant.com.