Internal-Coolant Live Tools

PLATINUM TOOLING TECHNOLOGIES is expanding its portfolio of Heimatec high-pressure internal-coolant tools in designs up to 1000 psi on straight tools and 2000 psi on 90-degree tools. Platinum Tooling is the North American source for Heimatec live tools and angle heads.

Coolant-through technology offers faster more productive cutting on many applications, for example when drilling deep holes where there is excessive build-up of chips and excess. High pressure internal coolant is also available on universal tools, multiple spindle tools, and speed increasers with up to 1:4 gear ratios at 24,000 rpm.

“Production drilling should almost always be done with internal coolant tools and our expanded inventory of these tools means we’ll be able to satisfy more customer needs in that area,” offered Platinum Tooling Technologies president Preben Hansen.

A full range of styles and pressures is available immediately, according to the company.

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